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Our family has been passionate about looking after your family’s eyes since 1983. Visit us at Waverley and Pretoria.

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How can we help you improve your vision?

Dr. Chris de Smedt | Optometrist
Christelle de Smedt | Optometrist
Lynette de Smedt | Optometrist

Our Vision

During our renowned in-depth eye examinations, we use over forty years of experience and the latest vision care equipment to look deeper into your eyes so we can evaluate the health of your eyes and the rest of your body.

We aim to provide excellent eye care so that every patient can:

  • See well with an individualised, top-quality solution, whether in glasses or contact lenses.
  • Look good and feel comfortable with a wide selection of frames to suit every face and pocket.
  • Have peace of mind that your eyes are well cared for.

Meet the team

Dr de Smedt founded De Smedt Optometrists in 1983 in Pretoria. He can be considered a pioneer in Optometry in South Africa since he was one of the first optometrists to obtain a postgraduate qualification in treating binocular vision abnormalities and diagnosing and treating ocular disease. Now with two thriving practices in Waverley and Pretoria, the family-run De Smedt Optometrists continues to offer quality eye care services to the community.

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Services Offered

Dilated fundus examinations

When drops are used to enlarge the size of the pupil so that your eye doctor can get a better view of the retina

Driver’s Licence Screening

The law specifies that everyone who wishes to renew their driver’s licence must undergo a vision screening.

Fundus photography

Fundus photography involves a retinal camera designed to photograph the back and interior surfaces of the eye.

Ocular coherence tomography

(OCT) is a non-invasive procedure that uses light waves to take cross-section pictures of the retina.

Complete eye examinations

A comprehensive eye examination will involve evaluating your vision and checking for any eye diseases

Eye Diseases

It is highly recommended that patients with diabetes visit their optometrist for regular eye exams.

Our practice

With our passion for optometry and people, we have brought together a team of specialists who work to achieve the best treatment for you.

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Our Brands